Business occasions

We can meet all your business needs with the various rooms, meals and services we offer.

We offer you the best rooms and food to suit any of your business needs. We can cater to small groups as well as large groups of up to 230 people for conferences, training sessions, business meetings and reception parties. Please feel free to contact us and allow us to enhance your business opportunities in an unforgettable historical setting.

A meeting room is also available for use before your meal.

Tomuro is a simple room which is suitable for meetings before lunch or dinner. Since this room is near the dining room, you can have a meeting without feeling the need to hurry. The room charge is \5000 per hour.

Geiko performers can be requested to add a graceful touch to any occasion.

You can also have dinner while enjoying Kanazawa-Geiji’s (Geisha performers) perform traditional songs and dances without the bother of going to the tea or Geisha districts. Enjoy this ornate entertainment of Kanazawa, a city in which it is said that the sounds of Noh, a classical Japanese musical drama, fall like rain from the sky. One Kanazawa-Geiji charges \35,000 per hundred minutes.