• Have a wonderful time and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the castle town Kanazawa.

    Tsubajin is located on the hill of Tera-machi in Kanazawa.
    The room facing the Saigawa river allows you to enjoy dinner with a spectacular scenery of streets of Kanazawa, a stream and Mt. Ioh.
    Some rooms adjoin the salon of the study room and make you feel at home.

  • Enjoy a drink  in the room where great writers in history had also enjoyed their glass of sake.

    Among many, the most prestigious room Tsukino-ma was loved by writers of their periods. Saisei Muroh, one of the greatest writers in Kanazawa had a splendid tine here with his friend Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Although the scenery outside the window changes as time passes by, the gentle moonlight illuminates the town just like before.

  • Enjoy a good drink and compose a haiku in this special room with Basho’s presence in the air.

    On the way of his journey to write Okuno-hosomichi. Basho Matsuo visited Kanazawa and held haiku meetings here at Koharu-an. He also lodged at Ginpu-no-ma for nine days.
    Have dinner in the room that preserves the same atmosphere of Basho’s days here, and you will successfully compose the most beautiful haiku you have ever created.

  • Who would not think back to the days we spent together, in this room that is loaded with history and wonder?

    Ume-no-ma has the longest history in Tsubajin. We would like to recommend you to celebrate retirement day, silver wedding anniversaries or golden weddings. It would be just the two of you. You will find comfort and ease at this special and historical room.

  • Who would not reminisce about the beauty,wonder and the ancient history of Geisha performers?

    Geisha performers adds a graceful touch to the reception.
    You can have dinner while enjoying Kanazawa-Geiji’s (Geisha performers) traditional songs and dances without going to Chyayamachi or a Geisha district. Enjoy the ornate entertainment of Kanazawa, where rain of chants falls from the sky.
    One Kanazawa-Geiji charges \35,000 per hundred minutes.

We offer the charged shuttle service.

A shuttle service by bus charges
17,000 per person (plus tax)

※The price include the service charge.
※Minimum 15 people on board in the bus. Fee of people less than 15 should be paid.
※Available region of the shuttle service is limited to Kanazawa city and its suburbs, Hakusan-shi,
   Uchinada-machi, and Tsubata-machi. Please contact us about other area.
※Please make a reservation up to 10 days prior to the appointed day.
※A shuttle bus service with drink charges \20,000 per person (hot sake, beer, Japanese spirits, soft drink
The brand names of beverages are decided. )
※Please contact us for other options. We will cordially arrange plans according to your budget.