Founded in 1752<br />The most traditional Japanese restaurant in Kanazawa

Before exploring the world of cuisine, many generations of the Tsuba family had been artisans of making a Tsuba-sword guard in Kaga Province. In 1752, Jinbei Tsuba III opened a small restaurant besides his main business of sword guard making. This is the origin of Tsubajin as a Japanese restaurant house (Ryotei). The restaurant gained a great reputation among the feudal lords, and soon it was recognized as the best restaurant in Kaga Province. After the Meiji restoration in early 19th century, literary masters including Saisen-Muro, political figures including Ito Hirofumi, the first Prime Minister of Japan, had all dined at Tsubajin to enjoy Kaga’s specialty food. Today, we welcome guests from all around the world to experience one of the most historical Japanese restaurants in Kanazawa City.