• We prepare the  venue to meet your expectations.

    We offer you the best rooms and food to suit your request for a conference, a training session, a business meeting or a reception party. It is available to guests from small groups to up to 230 people. Please feel free to contact us.

  • We equip the meeting room.

    “Tomuro” is a clam and simple room suited for meetings before lunch or dinner. As the room is close to the dining room , you could have a meeting without haste. The room charges \5000 per hour.

  • Geiko performers adds a graceful touch to the reception.

    You can have dinner while enjoying Kanazawa- Geisha’s traditional songs and dances without going to Chayamachi or a Geisha district. Please enjoy the ornate entertainment of Kanazawa, where rain of chants falls from the sky. One Kanazawa Geisha charges \35,000 per hundred minutes.