Traditional Kaga cuisine Tai-no-karamushi 〈For all seasons〉

This is one of the essential dish for wedding banquet in Kanazawa.
In Kanazawa’s tradition, bride’s family offers a pair of sea bream (Tai) for wedding banquet, wishing that their daughter would be loved by new family. The pair of sea bream is stuffed inside and arranged on a large plate with their bellies facing each other. The dish symbolizes the fertility.

Traditional Kaga cuisine Jibu-ni〈For all seasons〉

Jibu-ni has been one of the indispensable dishes for the cerebration banquet.
In Kanazawa, there is a special bowl created by local artisan and we serve our Jibu-ni with the finest ones.

Hasumushi 〈Season / July through August〉

Hasu is a lotus root. While a lotus loot is generally cooked simply keeping its shape and texture, we grate it and creates thicker taste.

Nodoguro〈Season / August through May〉

Nodo-guro is a white fatty fish. We prepare the fish either grilled or steamed Sushi style.